Why MetaReflect

Why MetaReflect

Tokenised projects across the cryptocurrency space are being manufactured daily, some with legitimate operations, others with malicious intent, and some with a lack of developmental understanding and/or planning. It is more common now then ever to see the latter half of the list be the reality. Developers are either preying on uneducated investors for their own financial gain at the cost of others or prematurely launching projects without properly setting up the needed development resources to fulfill their roadmap. MetaReflect solves both of these issues offering utilities that will properly vet and support up and coming projects. Through use of the MetaReflect launchpad, tokens will be properly reviewed and ranked based on the legitimacy of findings. To assist underdeveloped tokens MetaReflect will assist through use of whit label utilities capable of taking any project to the next level. While these will help improve cryptocurrency as a whole, they will also be extremely beneficial to the MetaReflect ecosystem, providing vast utility and growth for holders.

Why MetaReflect?

Like many others in cryptocurrency, our team has been the victim to scams, honeypots, rug pulls and developers abandoning projects. We have also found that projects that were at first mildly successful, have ended up failing due to teams that lacked experienced and commercial leadership or were unable to be flexible enough to adjust to the speed of the industry. These types of shortfalls have been unsatisfactory for investors and detrimental to all. MetaReflect changes that.

We Did What Most Won’t

We developed a core team, doxxed to the public, and have given our every second into the development of MetaReflect. The easy way could’ve been taken but we’re here for more then just financial gain. We started this project to revolutionize the space and bring something truly unique to cryptocurrency. We’re aiming to invent the future.

Through MetaReflect we will:

  • Aim to educate investors and be an outlet for any DEFI new comers
  • Create a verified IDO Incubator for legitimate projects looking to raise capital
  • Provide unmatched service to projects and investors alike
  • Focus on the growth of MetaReflect instead of the false promise of “New Ambitious Projects”

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